From the rural sheep farming fields of Berkshire to the Gold Coast of Queensland, Matt Cole’s personal journey has most certainly influenced the heavily emotive music he creates. Before his journey halfway across the world, he wrote, sang and played the guitar throughout the UK and Southern Germany, but decided to head down under for Australia’s warmth and opportunities.

Writing his own melodies, runs and progressions from a young age, before he even knew his first chord he was already coming up with song ideas using a single guitar string. Fast forward a few years and he was playing in multiple bands that echoed influence from Classic Rock legends Guns N Roses, Bon Jovi and Metallica.

Strong melodies and hard-hitting guitars serve as a vehicle to drive home the emotion that Matt pushes through his vocals and lyrics. These influences stem from his experiences with following dreams, love and loss.

Matt Cole follows up with yet another single for the year, an uplifting Pop Rock anthem that unravels the emotional complexities of Matt’s trip down under.

‘Ready To Fly’ encapsulates the excitement and all the highs of moving abroad, while also capturing the unnerving self-doubt and anxiety that came with leaving his family and friends behind. It covers the spectrum of emotion in all of its ups and downs, complete with beautifully written metaphors, strong melodies and emotive guitars..

“Ready to Fly” is OUT NOW!

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